Thursday, December 4, 2014

Fed Up.

With corn balls,
The Government,
And the so call Preachers
Some look up to just
To fail you,
What a sick sad world,
Where HATE rules instead of LOVE
Where Race plays a big part in this world
You've so many HOMLESS,
Veterans & People
In this Place they call
The land of the free
Who is free
No one but the DEAD,
Who is BRAVE
The Veterans,
The Men & Women
Who fought for this COUNTRY
And have not received anything ,
In this Society but a PARADE
Where are there JOBS,
With a RAISE in PAY,
Denying Hard working Citizens
The right to live a healthy & normal life,

Sunday, March 10, 2013

My Heart is Heavy,

As if the weight of the world,
Is weighing down upon me,
Like blocks of cement
Crushing against me,
With no relief insight,
As people see the pain,
Which is around them,
And do nothing to make a change,
There Morality,
Respect and Value for life,
Is all but nonexistent,
It's as if something else,
Has taken control of them,
I hear the critics speak ,
With strong words,
Against myself and others,
As,If to say,
They no more then the rest of us,
But,Can't pass Gods test,
My Heart is Heavy,
As the childen are being violently murdered,
Randomly  with no meaning,
For these actions,
While others just  watch,
Cowardly  as  these actions take place,
When will you take a stand,
When its too late.

Monday, August 13, 2012

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